Another Preparatory Meeting

On Wednesday April 27, another preparatory meeting of activists was held for the VIII. MDA RIDE which will take place at Wenceslas Square - Můstek in Prague on June 18, 2016.

Prior to the meeting in the premises of the KOALA kindergarten provided by Mirka and Jiří Dvořák, we welcomed the university students from Suchdol who presented us in front of their professor their courseworks with the theme of PR for nonprofit organizations focusing directly to the MDA RIDE. We appreciated their courseworks not only by small gifts and applause, but mainly so that Káďa ordered to immediately incorporate a lot of knowledge and ideas into the preparations for the event.

The whole evening was very successful also because the owners, as well as Hanka Kadeř and Míša Angerová prepared a rich gourmet entertainment :) Káďa made all familiar with how big chunk Václavák we had cut, but everyone in unison confirmed that we face this challenge with maximum effort and determination as always.

So good luck ...