ARC-MED: Why They Decided to Support the MDA RIDE?

The Evženie spa resort in Klášterec nad Ohří is operated by the ARC-MED company who has more than twenty years of experience in providing comprehensive rehabilitation care. You can find a unique place for top level relaxation and rehabilitation at a meander of the Ohře river near both the Doupovské and Krušné Mountains.

MD. Miroslav Ouzký, a chief physician of rehabilitation, and MD. Zora Ouzká, a child neurologist, work daily along with their team with people whose lives are limited by an illness. Thanks to that fact, all are constantly aware of how important is to help them. Their profession, their passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and also their friendship with Josef „Káďa“ Kadeřábek all meet in the MDA RIDE project, thus supporting people with muscular dystrophy. As they say, there hasn’t been another way and they just ar(id)e in that with you!

The ARC-MED company has been operating the Evženie spa resort since 2012 having experience in physiotherapy and wellness care since 1995. About 50 qualified employees is able to satisfy specific needs of its patients. Technical equipment of the spa resort corresponds to the last trends in health research. The spa resort is equipped with physiotherapeutic department, wellness, swimming pool, whirlpool, infrasauna, salt cave, hotel, restaurant, café and sport places.