Floorball Match for the MDA RIDE

Scandinavia is generally considered to be a birthplace of floorball. Floorball has experienced a great rise in Sweden where the first World Championships was held in the Stockholm's Globen arena in 1996, which is well known in our country thanks to ice hockey. Sweden still continues to set the trend in the development of today's floorball. It soon became accustomed also in our country and is becoming increasingly popular as it is low demanding and attractive.

ACEMA Sparta Praha is a traditional floorball club founded in 1993 at the very beginning of the floorball history in the Czech Republic. In January 2018, the Sparta floorball club will celebrate 25 years. They started as a bunch of high school classmates. Today, they are a professionally managed organization where more than 500 male and female athletes are practicing sport and whose vision is an athletic and personal development of children from whom they want to educate top athletes and strong personalities. They want kids not only to learn floorball well, but also to make Sparta for them something more than just a place to practice.

In our efforts to maximize the publicity of the MDA RIDE idea, we are connecting with the Sparta floorball club which becomes a new MDA RIDE Partner. On Sunday December 10, 2017 from 17:00 o’clock, the ACEMA Sparta Praha team will play their floorball Tipsport Superliga home game against itelligence Bulldogs Brno as the Match for the MDA RIDE. We will have an opportunity to present the MDA RIDE idea and activities in an interesting way throughout the entire evening and thus help to raise funds to benefit people with muscular dystrophy. For instance, the audience will see Káďa giving an interview to Michal Veber or an exhibition floorball match of the Parent Project guys during the breaks.

But that's not all! The MDA RIDE Committee is inviting all MDA RIDE friends and supporters, sponsors and partners to see the game to thank to all volunteers for their selfless help and to sponsors for their generous financial support. We will be glad to see anyone with a relationship to the MDA RIDE at the Match for the MDA RIDE held in the Sparta Arena at Prague 9, Podvinný mlýn. Representatives of sponsors and partners, people who help with the MDA RIDE event and especially boys and their parents from Parent Project and, of course, members of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the Czech Republic.

We would love to see that absolutely all of you arrive :) We are preparing an unusual experience for you. We all wish our cooperation with the Sparta floorball club to further develop and help in expanding the group of MDA RIDE friends and supporters.