MDA RIDE Will Be in Poděbrady

The MDA RIDE will be at "its" place - at the beginning of Poděbrady colonnade - during the traditional season opening motorcycle Praha - Poděbrady ride - thanks to support of the HOG Praha Chapter leaders. Since years, you can find our booth at a nice place at the beginning of the colonnade (near to the square), and we are looking forward to visit of all the supporters who will want to replenish some of the MDA RIDE logo items and to contribute so to this year's gains.

You could buy missing badges for your vest or a wristband and a scarf for yourselves or your female partners. :)

We can promise the VIII. MDA RIDE patches which you can traditionally buy just in Poděbrady. Unlike the badges which can be clipped only on the event day (this year it’s June 18, 2016), you can buy the patch earlier and then to attend the event on Wenceslas Square with the patch already stitched on your vest. :)

We hope to meet with you at the MDA RIDE booth. :)