Meeting of A Broader Organizational Team

A traditional first informative meeting of a broader organizational team for the 9th MDA RIDE 2017 was again held on April 11, almost exactly after a year. And again, maximum effort and determination could be seen at all participants.

And also traditionally, the group met at premises of the Koala kindergarten in Prague 2 thanks to hospitality of the owners Mirka and Jiří Dvořák’s. For the first time in history however, a new member of the MDA RIDE z.s. committee and also Káďa’s new right-hand man Tomáš Ouška is taking over most of the responsibility for the organization of the event at Wenceslas Square from Káďa. Tomáš will supervise the placement and building of booths of participating partners, power supply for the stage and furthermore, besides the Parent Project exhibition, also installation and operation of the LCD screen displaying scenes from the stage or VIP visitors.

Also this year Graceful Ride safety will be ensured besides the Czech Police by some forty Black Dogs club members. Well, and Káďa’s new left-hand man Ladislav Poledna will supervise all moneyboxes as well as video and photo recording of the event.

Káďa has been again working intensively to ensure and prepare also the this year, already the ninth, MDA RIDE since the last September. But this time together with his new team - Tomáš and Ladislav. And from now, a broader group of MDA RIDE volunteers is involved in the preparation, too. So good luck again to all of us ...