PH ART: Why They Decided to Support the MDA RIDE?

Music composer Pavel Hrubeš is one of the top twenty most successful Czech composers of the past 20 years. He has composed music for many television shows and films as well as children's shows and fairy tales.

Pavel Hrubeš, who has already recorded about 50 author CD’s containing film music soundtracks for a variety of occasions, says that helping to endangered and weak people goes without saying for him. Particularly then it applies to a person who has achieved some professional success and thus gathered sufficient funds. He has financially supported the MDA RIDE for the reasons mentioned above since several years, more precisely since the start of its activities, regularly and unceasingly.

The PH ART agency represents PhDr. Pavel Hrubeš, the composer, sound director and performer, in negotiations with copyright organisations, media representatives and authorities. It records and produces audio and video media, as well as it arranges their global promotion, distribution and granting synchronisation permissions.