Presentation of The MDA RIDE And The Biker's Guide to Bohemia Book

Already the ninth congress of the Czech Association of Route 66 took place in Hoffmanův dvůr in Prague Vinoř on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016.

Following the invitation and the wish of Zdeněk Jurásek, the President of the Association of Czech Route 66, Káďa presented the attendees the idea of MDA RIDE and also introduced his book The Biker's Guide to Bohemia. A part of the revenue from its sales will be donated to the MDA RIDE fundraising account. The idea of our MDA RIDE has been very appreciated by the present representatives of the US Embassy. Káďa received a commemorative metal sign from the president of the Association with thanks for his support for the Route 66 - Revisited movie production. It was a very nice evening, where again a couple of other people was briefed on our efforts to help.