Still in the Saddle of a Motorcycle

He comes from Prague - Uhříněves, lives in Čelákovice since 37 years and will be sixty-two this year. He is just riding a motorcycle all the time. He says that no day passes in vain for him if he is behind handlebars at least for a while. Jaroslav Šíma, a motorcycle journalist, photographer, traveler and adventurer, agreed to help us to spread further the MDA RIDE idea and to become another MDA RIDE Advocate.

He has ridden his first 100,000 km over ten years. Over the next twenty years, he has added over a million kilometers in long-term tests of various motorcycles and has became five times the Czech sport motorcycle tourism champion. He rode to Vladivostok and back, crossed Europe, Magadan and Mongolia, South America and has been to Africa 25 times. He has traveled in saddles of various motorcycles 1,442,000 km until this moment.

He writes and holds talks on pubs, halls and shops in various parts of the Czech Republic when he is rarely not sitting in a motorcycle saddle. He tells people about the kilometers he has ridden as well as unimaginable experiences and also shows beautiful photos and videos from his adventurous trips.