The MDA RIDE Flag at Abé's Season Opening

The Abé's motorcycle season opening together with the Mass led by Father Laďa Heryán at Svatá Hora in Příbram has already became a tradition.

This year, we added to that a visit to our friend, the composer and biker Petr Hapka - at the cemetery near Okoř. The Mass was held in a beautiful environment of just renovated private chapel of the Redemptorist order in a monastery at Svatá Hora. We could see, as the first of the public, a rediscovered ceiling painting which has been hidden under plaster in place of a chandelier. Brilliant ... :).

Father Heryán understand us, so his service was short and had a form which we could understand. Its motto was to try to make people start to understand themselves again. An example is the standing together of friends on motorcycles. Very nice words ...

Thank you Father Heryán, thank you Abé, and thank to all of you who attended and accepted our invitation to this year's VIII. MDA RIDE at Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) in Prague on 6/18/2016.