The no. nine is successfully behind us

Already the ninth year of the MDA RIDE charity event to benefit people with muscular dystrophy took place on Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) in Prague again on Saturday, June 17.

At 13:45, the entire square was watching the start of The Graceful Ride Through Prague, a traditional ride-out with muscular dystrophy patients. A ride-out that is definitely not a carefree one. As muscular dystrophy is a broad term to describe terminal genetic muscle diseases that weaken the musculoskeletal system and prevent movement and which is characterized by progressive muscle weakening, defects in muscle proteins, and the death of muscle cells and tissue. This disease remains terminal and can not be stopped. However, a comprehensive spa treatment, regular rehabilitation and a proper equipment will slow it down for a while. A care for such patients is very demanding, both mentally and financially. But what if the cure can be found in the meantime?

The annual event has found its supporters among riders of motorcycles of all sizes and brands as well as the general public. The yields from it (voluntary contributions to the fundraising cash-boxes, sales of the MDA RIDE logo products and contributions from sponsors) go directly to the specific needs of the patients associated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the Czech Republic (AMD) and The Parent Project associations. Visitors were enjoying a lot of live performances throughout the day. Petr Vondráček and Lokomotiva together with Strahov, Eddie Stoilow and Tram 69 bands played for them. The bands took turns with Vladimír Hron, Marian Vojtko the Phantom of the opera, or Radonice Babalet dancers as well as Knights of Temple on horseback, at and around the stage. Visitors could also let themselves to be photographed on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, on the Briggs & Stratton Flyer from 1919, and the more courageous ones also with the Predator. Then, small exhibitions of Ford Mustang cars by members of the Mustang Riders Club and American vintage cars by members the 1st Veteran of the US Car Club Prague, many beautiful Harley-Davidson and other motorcycles and many other attractions at the partner stands were there for everyone. Both, Oliver Shokouh, the owner of the Harley-Davidson dealership in Glendale, CA. and the chairman and founder of the Love Ride Foundation, the world's largest motorcycle charity event, donated and signed by his own hand a Harley-Davidson shirt, and the SAS Radisson Blu Alcron hotel donated a voucher for a dinner at its Michelin-star restaurant and an overnight stay in its Junior Suit for two persons, to the highest bids in an auction right on the spot.

At present, the MDA RIDE is the largest motorcycle charity event in the Czech Republic, the only such project in the European Union and the second one in Europe (after the Swiss Love Ride). We have managed to raise 3,792,508 CZK to benefit of muscular dystrophy patients during our first eight years. And in this ninth year, we added another record sum of 1,157,600 CZK. We thank to all sponsors, partners and individual donors for their support.

We thank to all female and male volunteers for their selfless help with the preparation and organization of this year 9th MDA RIDE. Without you, the MDA RIDE can not be done:
Ambrožová, Radka
Auředník, Jiří
Bitter, Michal
Čudová, Zoja
Dunajová, Silvie
Dvořák, Jiří
Dvořáková, Mirka
Dvořáková, Jana
Elsner, Martin
Forst, Petr
Forstová, Jana
Forstová, Lenka
Hlaváčová, Erika
Honc, Michal
Hruban, Milan
Chlumská, Martina
Jelínková, Věra
Jeřábek "Harlejíček", Tomáš
Kabíčková, Romana
Kadeřábek "Káďa", Josef
Kadeřábková, Hana
Kafka, Libor
Kalach, Petr
Kalcovský, Josef
Kameníčková, Sabina
Koblížek, Jan
Kodymová, Eliška
Kodymová, Olina
Kotíková Eliška
Koppová, Míša
Korba, Pavel
Kutáček, Milan
Kyralová, Alena
Likešová, Jana
Lukešová, Petra
Mík "Komár", Jiří
Moravčíková Zuzana
Mráčková, Lenka
Nápravník, Roman
Nápravníková, Martina
Ouška, Tomáš
Pavlík, Radek
Peluhová, Věra
Perglová, Lucie
Poledna, Ladislav
Polednová, Ludmila
Roll, Jiří
Romančuková, Petra
Ryšavá, Magda
Sedlický, Richard
Sedlická, Jana
Sokolová, Dáša
Somyková, Marta
Staňková, Eva
Suchá, Betty
Suchá, Monika
Svobodová, Marcela
Šimek, Karel
Šindelková, Jana
Šurychová, Silvie
Tikovská, Iveta
Tomas, Jindřich
Trejtnarová, Eva
Vantuch, David
Vinárčik, Matej
Zábal, Marek
and more.