Úklidy Jimi: Why They Decided to Support the MDA RIDE?

Úklidy Jimi means various cleaning services for homes, blocks of flats as well as for commercial premises including machine cleaning of garages or vacating services.

Jiří Mík is a biker, and one nice day, he was invited to a common ride during which he learned about the MDA RIDE. He met „Káďa“ personally and others who prepare this event. They all have a lot of wonderful ideas on how to raise money for muscular dystrophy patients. He supports the MDA RIDE himself as he wants to participate at the good thing. Moreover, he believes that in this case the money goes really, sure and transparent, to people who urgently need it.

Úklidy Jimi company was established almost a decade ago. It cleans the common areas in blocks of flats, apartments, commercial premises and it machine cleans garages. It also vacating apartments, houses and cellars. Last but not least, it provides gardens and green areas maintenance including waste disposal. It performs technical management of family houses and commercial buildings, including operating of gas boilers. The company operates in Prague and Central Bohemia.