Working visit to Switzerland

Members of the MDA RIDE committee visited the 25th Love Ride Switzerland which is usually held on the first Sunday of May on May 7, so the jubilee Love Ride 25. The Love Ride Switzerland which is an ideal for our Czech MDA RIDE is the biggest charity event of the Swiss motorcycle scene.

The revenue achieved by Love Ride Switzerland comes fully in favor of people with muscular dystrophy and disabled persons. Guests on motorcycles of all brands as well as visitors without motorcycles and families with children are warmly welcomed at the largest event of its kind in Europe. Bikers support people suffering from muscular dystrophy as well as projects that provide more mobility and thus a better quality of life to the physically handicapped people. The joint ride-out of bikers with with muscular dystrophy patients and disabled people is a central element of the Love Ride. The Love Ride is a matter of the Harley-Davidson Swiss scene however it is accessible to all riders of any motorcycle brand.

Janine Meier, a 15-year-old girl, has been inviting visitors to this day of solidarity on behalf of all people with a muscular illness or a disability as the this year Love Ride Eagle (ambassador). Same like at our MDA RIDE, everybody - young, old, big or small - is welcome to the Love Ride and everyone can find something in the rich program. Just the highlights: Stunt-Show, Bike-Show with prizes for nicest motorcycles, Bikes & Stuff, hockey on electric carts, circus and children's games, or other attractions like aerobatic performances of helicopters or planes. And, of course, the Ride-Out, a 61 km long ride that Janine and all other disabled visitors can attend on motorcycles with side-cars and trikes. The attendees also enjoyed a lot of musical performances throughout the day. Domestic rock bands Urs Matravers, Red Lizard, Posh and Callaway as well as the German rock 'n' roll band Boppin'B performed for them.